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I need to enlarge my builtin refrigerator opening by 1/2 to 3/4 inches in order to accommodate my new counter depth refrigerator.  How do I do this myself and what tools would make the job easier?
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Posted 2015-08-29T19:48:12+0000  by strider strider
Specific directions and tool recommendations would depend on what you have on either side of the existing opening.  Are there cabinets, walls, etc?  Posting a couple of pictures would be really helpful!
Posted 2015-08-31T11:02:30+0000  by Adam444
Hi strider,

Since it is new, you might consider returning and replacing with one that matches your opening.


Wallboard and studs would be much easier to modify than cabinets ... so start by identifying the side easiest to modify.

Check the wall for water and electrical before making your first cut.

Identify and mark the stud location using a stud-finder.

Once certain you're clear of impediments, plunge cut the wallboard and remove to expose the studs.

Position and secure several replacement studs and then cut and remove existing studs.

Frame remainder of the opening, allowing at least one extra inch of opening after you add the new wallboard.

Cover with wallboard, mud joints, prime and paint.


I do love new appliances!

However, after briefly describing the process, you may understand my recommendation to return and replace the new refrigerator with one designed for one-half inch clearance on either side within your existing space.

Posted 2015-09-08T19:56:34+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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