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How to Select a TV Mount

So you are in the market to hang up your TV. Whether you've just moved into your new place, or just want to place the TV higher via the wall, using a TV mount is crucial for it to hang there.

In this post, I'll go over several various types. All have one thing in common, to be effective you must first know the size of your television you wish to hang as well as what type (substrate) of wall it where it will placed.

To find out the width of your TV if you haven't done so already (or just don't know how), simply measure the screen diagonally to get the size.

Fixed Mount

This type is of TV mount is for when you want the best mount that doesn't need to be adjusted once installed. Like all types of TV mounts The Home Depot sells, it has all the materials needed to successfully hang it on a concrete or drywall. 

Just like hanging anything heavy, be sure that the lag screws provided are installed directly into the studs so failure doesn't occur. Anchor bolts can be used in place if the studs can't be accessed, but plan on finding the studs if possible.

Tilting TV Mount

In terms of installation, the tilting panel is very similar to the fixed version, with the obvious version here can be adjusted to be viewed downwards or up. This is good for when unwanted light is on the screen so you can move the screen. 

It's also good for higher installations, like waiting rooms or when you just want the TV out of reach of the hands of little ones...

3-Way or Full Motion Wall Mount

The final option would be the full motion style wall mount. Of all types, this is possibly the easier one to install, but it still needs to be fastened directly into studs, if its going onto drywall.

Some models have a slight tilt to them, but these models have a great variety of pivot, swivel, and even folds that the other types of TV mounts can't do. 

This makes it perfect for more maneuverability, considering it makes the TV go out from the wall, it actually makes a good solution for when you are installing it and cabinets or other items might be in the way. 

Other Options/Factors to Consider

Once your TV is successfully mounted, you may want to consider a few items to help organize the cables and any DVD/DVRs you may have. 

A good start is placing a surface mounted or in-wall cable kit. This picture below best demonstrates how much cleaner the look is after installing it.

To read more information regarding this great cable organizer, click here

There's also surface mounted cable management by Wiremold. These don't involving going behind the wall, which means you can install them faster. To view those options, you can view them by clicking here.

Lastly,considering a wall mount for your DVD or DVR as well. This means you can have the DVD right below your TV, so everything is consolidated. We carry some at your local Home Depot store, but also more online. Below is an example of one we carry and linked here.

While there are more accessories and TV mounts out there, this is just to show you the main types out there and what to expect.


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Posted 2015-07-22T16:58:32+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL
After looking at all of these options, I decided on a truly full motion mount from Dynamic Mounting ( It's certainly a pricey option ($500+), however, they give back up to $100 to provide reviews and shout outs of their products. What separates this mount from all the others is that you are able to pull your tv out and down and twist it left and right. This is working beautifully for my "above the fireplace" tv mounting. I truly was hesitant to spend this much dough on a mount especially when they can be had for so much cheaper, but ultimately, I thought I would hate looking up at the tv all the time and it's turned out to be true so I'm always pulling my tv down at eye level and putting it back up when turning it off. Another good feature was the Extra Wall Mount that you can buy which gives you more flexibility in mounting directly to studs when you're studs aren't located in the perfect location thus putting your tv off center on your wall. My studs are about 8 inches to the left and 10 inches to the right from the tv mid point. As such, I opened up my wall and put in 2 - 2x6 blocking between my studs with the broad face facing out (secured them with Kreg Pocket Screws). I then screwed a 3/4" piece of plywood over them and patched the drywall. The result is that even though my tv mount is mounted a little off center on the Extra Wall Mount, the Extra Wall Mount is secured to two studs AND the blocking + plywood which feels like it's rock solid!

2 things that make this company awesome: 1) Kurt, the owner, personally responds to your emails quickly and 2) this is a family run company with a 100% american made product. Kurt even lists all of his suppliers on his website ( And now some pics of my install (this was total amatuer hour and my first "hard" DIY project so I gotta believe just about anyone can do this).
Posted 2015-09-05T01:24:36+0000  by SChiu
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