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How to Spice Up Furniture Using Chalk Paint

Hands down, I have the most creative customers who shop at The Home Depot.


Among them, Heather stands out with her recent addition of chalk paint chair backs.


Her crafty addition started as an everyday chair with stained-wood back and black-mushroom seat.

Heather turned on her craft skills and transformed "plain" into a polished decor set to match her bar stools.

The seat cushions bring the set to life and help make the jump from simple breakfast table to "Garden" viewing spot.


Notice: Heather's garden is just outside the door, but also readily view-able through the glass ... bridging outside and in.

So, what do you think? Is Heather crafty or what?!?


Heather, you are so gracious to share your outstanding decor addition!


I can't wait to see what she'll do next!!!


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Posted 2014-09-23T17:02:45+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL Pat_HD_ATL

The Do It Herself Workshop for October (2014) will help you understand Chalk Paint ... also includes a demo of Ralph Lauren Metallic.


Click the link to jump to the Do It Herself registration page.


Mark your calendar for upcoming classes now!


After completing the class, come back and post photos of your project.


We'd love to see just how crafty you are!

Posted 2014-10-02T17:01:25+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
Other Community Members are making great examples of faux and furniture treatments:

Outstanding examples!
Posted 2015-02-03T15:05:18+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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Posted 2015-10-08T22:07:21+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

I spent a lifetime in painting and decorating customer's homes, trying to get surfaces of walls, cabinetry and even furniture to look like new. How ironic that the newest fashion is "shabby chic", making something look old and beat up!

There are many formulas on the Web for making do-it-yourself chalk paint. Again, how ironic that they take perfectly good paint and degrade them by adding chalk or plaster to get that porous finish.

Oh well, I actually like the look, just find it ironic!
Posted 2015-12-18T01:55:01+0000  by ordjen
The newest thing in DIY is also rapidly morphing, Ordjen,

When we first observed this trend it presented another way to age furniture.

Today, I have customers using chalk paint on fabric.

It is really hard to know where we'll go next.

And, my recommendations have changed as well.

When asked if earlier versions of faux made with glaze should be clear coated, I most always said, "Adding a shiny clear coat will defeat your attempt to make the piece look aged."

Chalk paint, however, is a different media.

Because it is so flat, I've heard numerous complaints that food stains happen easily and are impossible to eliminate.


When protecting chalk paint used Varathane Matte Polyurethane or Americana Creme Wax.


Either will produce a coating that will prevent food stains without adding shine to the surface ... maintaining the aged appearance.

Varathane Matte Polyurethane is clear.

Several colors of Creme Wax are available and each will add a slight accent color to your chalk paint.

Traditional faux glaze finishes might also be protected by Varathane Matte Polyurethane.

However, wax is still not be a great coating for traditional faux finishes because it may re-wet the glaze and smear colorant across the surface ... although some might argue this further ages the piece.
Posted 2016-01-26T17:26:23+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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