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How to Store Small Appliances in the Kitchen

Everyone has them: small appliances that sit on the countertop and take up valuable space!  Right now I have a juicer, coffee maker and slow pot cooker all being used several days each week and taking up literally 5 feet of linear work space.  In a small kitchen, that is an enormous amount of real estate used for storage.  That does not include the additional space needed when actually using the specific small appliance.  I often move one of the others to the dining room since it does not fit conveniently into the pantry; floor storage is not an option.  When cooking for the holidays, even more small appliances are brought out from their hiding places and used in a time sensitive manner (aka dinner).  Then even less precious countertop space is available!


Some of the smaller kitchen appliances like my trusty hand-held mixed can be store in a drawer or inside a cabinet.  The cute red single serve coffee maker looks regal on the shelf (often looked at but seldom used).  Most small appliances need more space than a drawer offers and may be too heavy to be placed on a shelf.

When designing a kitchen it is easy to incorporate storage options such as a wall appliance garage (shown on the left).  Appliances are concealed yet accessible.  A handy wall outlet provides convenience and only the food specific parts of the appliance need to be transported to the sink for cleaning.

Adding storage space to an extended kitchen island (shown on the right) allows convenient storage for commonly used small appliances.  The down side is that children and pets have easy access to expensive and potentially dangerous products.  Storing several unusually sized small appliances on a shelf can create a cluttered appearance.



For kitchens requiring retrofit storage options, consider transforming a seldom-used base cabinet into a convenient and accessible storage cabinet.  Specially designed pull-out baskets and drawers can hold several small appliances with attachments in one convenient location.  Select full-extension, ball-bearing slides for easy pull-out capability.  Choose heavy-duty baskets and drawers that will support the weight of the appliances – up to 100 pounds – as well as handle frequent use.  Mounting hardware can be from the bottom, side and rear for maximum stability; some manufacturers offer door mounting kit options. 

A heavy-duty lift system (shown on the right) is perfect for a stand mixer or food processor since the shelf lifts the heavy appliance to counter height for you.  The lift system is an option for those with limited mobility and otherwise unable to lift heavier appliances onto the working surface.  A spring-loaded system will ensure smooth operation and multiple tension settings can be adjusted for heavier appliances.  Select a base cabinet close to an electrical outlet for the most efficient operation. 

I would love to hear about your unique storage ideas for small kitchens or help you solve a kitchen storage problem.  

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