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How To Get Rid Of Moles

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Moles and voles may seem the same but they are actually quite different. Moles are carnivorous and will tunnel all over your lawn looking for big, delicious grub worms and earth worms to eat. Voles are herbivores and have more of an appetite for the roots of your plants, flowers and grass.


How Do I Know Which One I Have?


Chances are that you are not going to see these boogers but they do present their evidence differently. They both create tunnels but moles will make little dirt volcano mounds where they pop up out of the ground to look around. Voles leave no such mounds.  Voles will eat the roots of your plants and flowers, sometimes causing them to lean or start to die.


How Do I Get Rid Of Them?


For moles, you simply get rid of the food source and they will leave. Killing the grub worms in the lawn will benefit you in several ways. Grubs eat the roots of your lawn, killing it and then these Grubs turn into Japanese Beetles that then eat your plants and trees. Putting down granular insecticides like Bug B Gon or Triazacide will take care of the grubs. You can’t kill the earthworms in the soil. These are very beneficial to any ecosystem. You can however, make them castor oil flavored worms, which do not taste good at all and won’t hurt the worms. Castor oil is the primary ingredient in Mole and Gopher repellant which also repels voles. This will send the moles and voles packing.



We can’t kill the plants and flowers like we did the grubs but we can make the voles eat enough castor oil that they will want to gnaw on the neighbors plants and flowers. There are traps and poisons for those moles and voles that have acquired a taste for castor oil flavored plants and bugs and are just too stubborn to leave.



These traps are to be put over active tunnels, where they will be triggered. Poisons are to be put in active tunnels where they will be eaten. You can find out whether or not a tunnel is active simply by stepping on it with your foot, pressing it back down. Return within 12 to 24 hours and if it has been fixed then it is an active tunnel.


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