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How to Tell the Difference Between a Left and Right Hand Tub Drain


If you ever have to replace a bathtub one of the inevitable questions you’ll have to answer is whether or not you need a left hand or right hand drain model. This may seem an odd question at first but it is a critical one in terms of making the right purchase the first time. The drain for your tub is a fixed position in the floor. When purchasing a tub you have to make sure the position of the drain opening in the tub aligns with the position on the floor. 


1. How to Determine the Drain Handing

The simplest method of determining the tub drain handing required is to stand in front of your existing tub as if you intend to get in. This will typically be at the apron. Now is the drain to your right or to your left? Your answer to this question indicates the drain handing you should purchase. In the images below the orange line indicates the side of the tub with the drain.



The rules shift slightly as you move on to freestanding and drop-in tubs. Due to the install nature of these tubs you may see the handing listed as right/left, centered, and reversible or even not at all.



2. Center Drain

A center drain is exactly as it sounds. Instead of the drain being offset to either the left or right of the tub, it is located centrally to the tub. In the image below you can see a cut away view of the centered drain assembly.



3. Reversible Drain

It is not uncommon to see drop in tubs listed as having a reversible drain. Because the tubs are dropped into a pier the drain handing can be switched by rotating the tub. In the case of jetted tubs keep in mind the additional space requirements needed for heaters and/or pumps.



Relocating the Tub Drain

If you have an extensive bathroom remodel in mind don’t feel confined to using the existing drain location. Speak with your contractor about relocating the drain to accommodate the tub style you desire. If say you plan to convert to a freestanding tub from an alcove tub, the drain may need to be extended further away from the wall to accommodate the size of the tub.


I hope this helps and you can find our full selection of tubs of all types here






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