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How to apply wallpaper

I'm trying to apply wallpaper on one wall that's 11.5x8 . How many rolls will I need if each roll covers 56 sq ft. ? What tools will I need besides adhesive to apply the wallpaper. Any insight will help.
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Posted 2013-09-29T01:04:19+0000  by Nesken09 Nesken09

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If your wall is 11.5’x8’multiply together to =92 sq. ft.  You will need 2 rolls of paper since 1 roll covers 56 sq. ft and this will give you extra for matching pattern and trimming. 


Some tools you will need are a straight edge, snap off knife, plumb line, tape measure or yard stick, wallpaper brush, paste brush, trim guide with stainless steel blade, seam roller, sponge, wall paper tray and working  table.


Morehelpfulhintscanbefoundbyopening thelinkbelow.


The plumb line is used to establish a straight vertical line a little less than width of your wallpaper roll from the starting corner of your wall.  This will give you nice level horizontal lines. 


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Posted 2013-10-01T14:05:16+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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