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How to build a DVD rack

Hello guys and girls, I would like to build a DVD rack, I would like to build something that attaches to one of my walls in my living room.  I imagine I will paint it to match the existing color of the walls, does anybody have any ideas?





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Posted 2011-03-21T02:22:48+0000  by glockman glockman

How are ya glockman I'm ChrisFixit. I see Shecandoit22 handled a lot of the "how to build" a rack in your other thread so I thought I'd chime in and help out with some of the ideas portion.


A wall mounted DVD rack can be as simple as a series of shelves on the wall, but why not try something more interesting. If the rack is in an entertainment room for instance you could do something resembling a classic ticket or theater box. It could be a marquee with floating shelves and a curtain. If something more modern is more your taste a series of floating cubes arranged along a wall might be cool. Really sky's the limit on how you want it to look. Well I hope some of this has been helpful in some way.




EDIT: I find any excuse I can to do a quick sketch.


Posted 2011-03-21T14:05:40+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL

Hanging DVD Rack - Back.jpgLate to the party again, but might help someone else.

Hanging DVD Rack - Front.jpg

The rack hangs on the wall utilizing a french cleat. Should hold approximately 100 DVDs and can easily be expanded to hold larger collections.

Posted 2011-09-19T10:28:01+0000  by Paul

I'm a fan of things being a wee bit askew so I really like the idea of this one Paul. You should totally do a how to in an original post so it can get some visibility! Thanks for sharing.




Posted 2011-09-19T19:55:26+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
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