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How to build a bedroom in your basement...

We are expecting a new baby and need to add a bedroom in our basement to fit all the members of our family. Our basement as of right now is one large space with concrete walls. It has no official ceiling and only has one outlet and one light switch (which obviously is not going to work for a bedroom). We are wanting to section off a decent space and turn it into our master bedroom so the new born can have out current bedroom upstairs. We are going to need to put up walls, insulate, add drywall to the concrete walls that are already there, add more outlets, add a drop ceiling and carpet the concrete floors. We have never done anything like this before and would like to do most of the work ourselves since it would save us a lot of money that we don't really have. Any and ALL advise on how to do this and where to start would be MUCH appreciated!!

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Posted 2012-08-09T04:19:44+0000  by danimarie00 danimarie00

Hey there danimarie00,


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Congratulations on the newly expected addition = )


This can indeed be quite a project to undertake, so it's good that you're looking at planning ahead. Myself and fellow community expert CoachDave teamed up to help write an article for a similar subject actually--changing garages into bedrooms. While yes, there are certainly many differences between the two, they're also very similar in that they're usually very unfurnished. I think giving it a read through will be a great start for you, and a decent platform to help you figure out where to start and what is most important to consider... You can read it here: From Car Space to Living Space.


Just be sure to know your DIY limitations as well. Changing out a light bulb and painting a small room are okay for your average DIY'er, but remember that you're taking on a whole room. Recognize what is feasible for you to do accurately and safely, and what jobs you'll need to consult a professional for. No shame in calling in the pros for certain jobs = )


Best of luck with it and let us know if there are any  questions that jump out at you about the job, like how do I do this, or how does this work? We'll be glad to help = )

Posted 2012-08-09T13:57:30+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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