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How to build a burning pit using concrete blocks

I need advice on how to build a trash burning pit in my backyard.  Are concrete blocks the best product to use and do I dig out a hole first before placing the blocks?  Or do you have a better suggestion?  Thanks

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Posted 2011-10-20T19:07:26+0000  by Lottie Lottie

Hi Lottie,


Concrete blocks will certainly make an excellent burning pit. They can easily be stacked into custom shapes to adapt to the particular setting where the pit will be located. The height of the walls can be adjusted for different types of burning; higher stack for burning paper and boxes so the ash doesn't blow, and lower stack height for a camp fire setting. Multi-use areas are more practical.


I would stack the blocks in a circular pattern leaving small gaps between the base blocks for water drainage and ventilation. These gaps only need to be 1/4" wide for an 8" block. Stacks above the first couple of layers will not require these gaps. To add stability, stack the blocks so that they alternate like bricks do on a wall. No mortar is necessary. You may need to disassemble part of it for occasional cleaning.


Always check your local authorities for burning ordinances and restrictions. Never locate a burn pit near or under a tree's canopy, and keep a water hose within reach.



Posted 2011-10-21T12:30:58+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

Thank you, LawnRanger.  I know I can do this!!


Posted 2011-10-22T00:39:50+0000  by Lottie
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