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How to build a free-standing drywall wall

I need to build a free-standing wall made of drywall 4x8s. It will be about 20 feet long (so I will use 5 4x8s), and only one side needs to be pure drywall (so the other side can have framing/hardware/etc. on it). It will be outside, but is temporary (only will be used for half a day). 


I am wondering what the best way to frame it up on the back side is. It needs to be able to stand freely outside, and there might be a little wind. I was thinking using 2x4s, and making a basic prop-up frame with them, and then just attaching the 4x8s to the frames. But I'm not sure what sorts of brackets, screws, and other hardware to use so that it is easiest to build and most effective. And I'm not sure what the best shape/form for the frame of 2x4s is. 


If you have any ideas or experience, please fill me in. Thanks!

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Posted 2012-05-16T22:12:21+0000  by Tom-G Tom-G

Hey Tom-G.


I am not sure what the wall is being used for, so you could get away with doing 2ft on center studs if we are doing something simple with this wall. I have drawn a very bad drawing of my vision of this wall. Just use 2x4 legs and braces for this wall every 4 feet and screw together with 3inch wood screws. Screw support braces behind the wall to support it and keep it square. Use bags of sand to hold the wall down, to keep it from blowing over.wall2.JPGwall.JPG

Posted 2012-05-17T13:49:03+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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