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How to build a retaining wall along a hillside

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Posted 2013-08-12T17:27:10+0000  by C_D_C C_D_C

Hi C_D_C,


Wall stones come in a variety of textures and styles. The different sizes of stones will dictate how high the finished wall can be. Look for the wall height limitations when selecting your stone.


Building a retaining wall is similar among most of the wall stone choices. Be sure to build in a drainage system behind the wall to release hydraulic pressure from water that drains down the hill. A perforated pipe in a bed of gravel that runs along the back of the wall at its base will allow water to drain around the wall, rather than through it.


FLEX-Drain 25 ft. Perforated

Leave one or both ends of the pipe open to allow the water to escape.



Once you have decided on a particular stone, installation is going to be similar no matter which stone you choose.


Here's a video from Pavestone that shows the steps.


Keep us posted with your progress. I can't wait to see your wall.


Thanks for asking and Welcome to The Community!!!




Posted 2013-08-13T16:34:43+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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