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How to build a ''straight-line' chalkboard

Good afternoon community,


Inspiration for projects and ideas can come from everywhere around you in life. I was no exception to this last week on one of my urban hikes in downtown Atlanta. Going to a restaurant for a quick lunch, I noticed behind the bar was a most effective chalkboard that has built-in "lines".  After studying it and taking mental notes on how it was made,  I decided to break down how it was made and why it is so effective as a chalkboard in this post. 


Maybe it's the Graphic Designer in me, but I think this is a very clean and efficient way to make a nice chalkboard!


To start out with, take your traditional thinking of a flat chalkboard and toss it! The key here is to grab a piece of paneling or wainscoting with tongue-and-groove sections to give any message written on the chalkboard straight and even lines. But instead of installing it vertically as you normally would, you are going to use it horizontally....

wainscot panel.JPG


By making the chalkboards lines go horizontal, there is really no limitation as to how and what you can organizewith chalk. I saw this in a restaurant, but it goes great with having it in a teaching setting,  or to even jotting down the daily tasks of knowing what to buy for groceries and bill paying.


With most custom projects, you have more than one option when it comes to installing and finalizing. For example, you can choose to cut down the original 4 ft. x 8 ft. size to a smaller shape. There's also an option to place a small bottom ledge using the moulding for any erasers and chalk to rest on. Also, you can install decorative moulding around to trim the chalkboard, the choices are all up to you. At this stage you are now ready to apply the chalkboard paint. One of my favorites is a tintable version by Rust-Oleum that we sell in our paint department, shown below...

Rust-Oleum Tintable Chalkboard Paint.JPG

Since you are dealing with lines in the paneling, I would use a good-quality brush as well as a roller to apply the chalkboard paint evenly and in all areas of the surface.


Just like you have more than one option to frame and construct your chalkboard, so is hanging it as well. If you have a large size and you would want to consider taking the board down eventually, consider using screws that can hold up for hanging directly into wood studs. If you are using it permanently and would like it to be sturdy and nail/screw-free, consider using a paneling adhesive to firmly place it on the wall. And now you have a great looking chalkboard ready to be used!

wainscot panel.JPG


If any one here on the community has any additional questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Have a great day,


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Posted 2011-12-05T19:06:43+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL

Great idea using the wainscotting. Now you've got me thinking of making a mini version of this for my daughter.


As an aside, I have used a pallet and the whiteboard paint to make a message board to detail contractor specials in a past life.

Posted 2011-12-06T03:40:23+0000  by Paul
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