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Project Ideas: Indoor Decor

How to build cabinet doors

My husband and I are currently writing up plans for a desk and we would like to include cabinet doors on the side with in laid frosted glass where we are storing our computer towers. What is the best and most affordable way for us to DIY that? Thanks!
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Posted 2017-09-05T18:38:34+0000  by DoghouseWife DoghouseWife
It would somewhat depend on the design of your desk and how "fussy" you are about how the piece looks.  Essentially what you want to build is a traditional frame and panel door, with the glass replacing the wood panel.  The traditional way to build such a door is with what's called a "cope and stick" joint or a "mortise and tenon" joint.  Both are fairly complex to build requiring expensive woodworking tools and experience using them.

Frankly, you would probably being better off paying someone to make them for you.  There are a fair number of websites that offer custom sizes doors, including those with glass.
Posted 2017-09-06T01:29:24+0000  by Adam444
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