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How to build new window screens!

When I first bought my house every window had no screen.  No joke! Every window was missing a screen.  I thought it would take forever to make all the screens, but I found that with the right tools and material it didn’t take much time at all.


The basic tools you need are:



Utility Knife




Tape measure

tape measur e.jpg

The material you will need:








Screen hardware kit


First measure the where the screen fits into the window.   Then cut the frames to size with the hacksaw. Make sure to subtract the size of the corners from each frame piece, which will usually make each side an 1 ½” smaller than originally measured. Next you put the frame together using the corners.  The corner pieces fit really tight so it takes a little force to get them into place.  Also make sure to install the parts inside the screen hardware kit at this time.


Now you are ready to add the screening. There are a lot of different types of screening material to choose from. The two most common types are aluminum and fiberglass in either silver or black color. Older screens are usually aluminum.  Aluminum is strong, but a little harder to work with. Fiberglass is lightweight and easy to install, but can rip easier than aluminum. I always use fiberglass because of how easy it is to cut to size.


They also make Pet screening. If your dog is anything like mine he probably likes to randomly scratch at the screens while barking like crazy. Pet screening is seven times stronger than regular fiberglass and has proven to resist pet damage.

pet screen.jpg

Another cool (pun intended) type of screen is called sun screening. It is made to protect against UV rays and help insulate your home from the suns heat.

sun screen.jpg


Installing the screen is probably the most difficult part of the project, which is good because it isn’t very difficult at all. Lay the screen over the frame and use your utility knife to cut the screening about a ½” larger than the frame. Cut the corners of the screening on a diagonal like the picture below.  

screening corner cutting.jpg


Click the picture for The Home Depot’s project guide for screen replacement!


Now start the spline in one corner and roll it in all around the frame using the roller. Remember to hold the screening tight while doing this, but not too tight, just enough so the screening material isnt sagging.  After the spline is in you can use your utilitly knife to cut off the excess screening.


Click any picture to learn more about the product!


If anyone has any helpful tricks they have used when building screens please share them!



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Posted 2011-06-08T15:57:21+0000  by gotogregg gotogregg

 This post was very easy to read and I'm sure I can tackle this task now that I know exactly what I need and step by step guide to building should allow this project to go off without a hitch... I'll be back to tell you if this was a success or If there should be a special guide called "Screen Building for dummies "....hehehehe

Great Post !

Posted 2013-04-14T05:39:55+0000  by GODSbabygirl

Hello Heidiizzy,


Welcome to the community.


If you insert the screen into the top track and push it all the way up the bottom of the screen should be just above the bottom track. At that point all you have to do is push it in and slide it down into the track.


If the screen is not above the bottom track when it's all the way up in the top track than it's to big for that window.


Make sure that the thickness of the frame is the proper width for the frame of your window. If its too thick then it will not fit up into the top track as it needs to in order to drop down into the bottom track.


Let me know if this helps you get your screen installed.


If not please post some pictures so I can see what's going on with your window and screen.


Again thank you for joining the community.

Posted 2012-09-21T19:20:03+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Help!  How do you install the screen back into the window frame?  I am replacing my screens & just did the kitchen & now cant get back into slide, no room on top no room on bottom....  Any ideas? 

Posted 2012-09-21T03:47:22+0000  by heidiizzy

I have to agree with gotogregg that these screen kits are really easy to build and install.


Here's a tip that I found to be very helpful. While installing the spline pull on it slightly so that it stretches and becomes smaller so that it goes in easier and once it's in it expands back to it's normal size.


Keep in mind that each frame has it's own size grove for the spline. There are a few different sizes available. Both the groove and the spline should be the same size.


So get out there and re-screen all of those old ripped up screens so that you're ready for the summer.:smileyvery-happy:

Posted 2011-06-08T21:49:11+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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