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How to build toe kick drawers in the kitchen

 Is it possible to conduct a do it yourself  class for building a toe kick drawers for the kitchen.
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Posted 2016-04-25T21:56:50+0000  by Babdi Babdi

Hey Babdi,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.

As of this current post, we unfortunately do not have a clinic on how to build toe kick drawers.

Our classes typically go over basic but high demand home improvement projects, such as basic wiring skills or creating a tile backsplash. 

Since your need is very specific, you'll really need to come into your local Home Depot store and see what clinics are available. To view your local store(s), please click here

Based on working at a Home Depot store for almost 15 years, I can offer you some advice in this regard.

Since you are requesting a very specific type of cabinet build, I would strongly advise you to speak to a hardware and/or building materials associate who is knowledgeable in cabinet building. 

If you can reach them and get some ideas, they can (at a slow time when the store is open, like the morning) can go over one on one materials and ideas with you. Communicate with your local store and partner with that associate, who can guide you in person. 

If you can't find the time or can get a person, the other option would be to research online videos and tutorials. There are a plethora of guides that exist already. 

However since cabinets can be a customizable project, you'll really need to know what cabinets you are working from currently...since installing toe kick drawers are not a common project.

Let us know if you have specific questions pertaining to the drawers, and it maybe possible for us to go over additional information with you.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Posted 2016-04-25T22:34:01+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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