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How to calculate how much paint i will need.

How do i calculate the sqft of a room when im paointing the walls and ceiling? Do i need the sqft of each wall and ceiling seperate and then add them together?


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Posted 2013-07-31T20:55:13+0000  by resq313 resq313




If both the ceilings and walls are to be painted with the same paint, then yes, the total area must be calculated and added together. The ceiling area is length X width of the room.  Wall area is the perimeter of walls X height of wall. Unless there are very large windows and many doors, you can just take the gross amount of wall area.


A general rule of thumb is to divide the gross area  by three hundred, the average square feet per gallon of paint. Of course, two coats would double the amount neccessary. Very dry walls could take more paint, very well sealed walls could take less.


Hope this has helped.


Posted 2013-08-01T01:36:13+0000  by ordjen
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