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How to change a lightbulb

OK, don't laugh - I can't figure out how to change a lightbulb in a track light fixture.  It is a Hampton Bay (ED673ABZ).

It uses halogen bulbs.  I can unscrew the collar at the end of the shade, but there is no room to grab the bulb and pull it out from the socket because of the shade around it.  I've tried unscrewing the shade, but it doesn't budge.  Help!

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Posted 2011-05-25T13:47:07+0000  by onestepatatime onestepatatime

Welcome Onestepatatime!


This is Christine and I work at The Home Depot in Atlanta. There is no need to feel embarrassed about not being able to change this light bulb. Halogen bulbs are weird bulbs and they require special removal techniques.


I do need some more information from you first though. I can't find the model number that you have provided. Would you mind going to and finding your fixture and sending me the link? If you can't find it, posting a picture will be just as good :smileyhappy:


I look forward to hearing from you, 





Posted 2011-05-25T14:15:58+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

 Hello Onestepatatime,


Thank you for joining our community.


I believe I have the answer for you on how to get the light bulb out of your fixture. I went to the store and took a short video to show you how to get it out.


First and foremost make sure that the fixture is turned off and the bulb is cool to the touch. I'm assuming that the bulb is burnt out but I just wanted to make sure your working safely.


All it takes is a small piece of Duct tape and a twist of the wrist and the bulb comes right out. If the duct tape doesn't stick well make sure that there are not any oils from your hands on the bulb and also if you let the duct tape sit for a few minutes the bond will become stronger. I personally used Gorilla brand Duct tape it seams to have a much stronger bond. You should be OK with any brand.  


Posted 2011-05-26T00:44:22+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

That was a great video! I *hate* changing this type of light bulb and using your tip with the duct tape worked quickly and easily! Thank you so much.   :)

Posted 2012-03-28T00:59:26+0000  by nhl2xxx

Your welcome nhl2xxx,


Welcome to the community.


I think that's one of my favorite things about  being a part of this community is that we get to share our helpful tricks with everyone and also learn other members helpful hints.


We have a wide verity of experience here on the community. So no matter what your project is you should be able to get whatever answer your looking for. All you have to do is ask.:smileywink:


I'm glad you joined and I look forward to seeing you around the community.


Posted 2012-03-28T14:50:01+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

Great information.  I just have one thing to add.  I change this type bulb all the time and found a gu10 suction tool online.  You get two of them for .98 plus shipping.   The duct tape is a great trick for removing but don't use it to install the bulb because the lense must stay clean of oil and other residue.  I hope this helps.   Stukas

Posted 2012-03-29T14:52:07+0000  by Stukas

I have the same type of bulb and while this showed me how to get the bulb out....How did I get the new bulb in?  

Posted 2012-11-04T12:34:50+0000  by Bass3715

Figured I'd share this little tip.  Apparently, to get the new bulb in you need a suction cup....that comes with the fixture.  The lady who owned the house prior to me threw this away.  


I used my Christmas light suction cup that I use to hang Christmas lights on my windows.  This worked and was fairly painless.  Hope this tip helps someone like me!

Posted 2012-11-04T13:48:42+0000  by Bass3715

Hello Bass3715,


Welcome to the community.


Thank you for your helpful hint on how to install a GU-10 bulb.


The suction cup will also help in keeping the oils from your hands off of the bulb.


As you said some of the light fixtures come with them but if you lose it or as in your case you never had it. You will need to improvise or purchase one to finish the job.


We do sell a kit that is designed for changing bulbs but it’s primarily used for much larger size bulbs. In your case I think the one that you used is a perfect size.

                             Suction Cup Light Bulb Changer.jpg

 We carry a few different sizes but I think the 1 1/8” suction cup would be the one that would work out the best. The GU-10 bulb measures 2” in diameter so the 1 1/8” suction cup will work out great.   

                              Suction Cup.jpg

Thanks again for your helpful hint. I’m sure you’re not the only one that has ran into this issue and by you letting us know what worked for you will help other with their projects.


Thanks again for joining the community.

Posted 2012-11-07T17:37:28+0000  by Christine_HD_OC

My recess light is caulked to the ceiling. There is no way to twist or pull out the inner ring.

The bulb is bigger then the opening. Please let me know how to extract the bulb out of the fixture since the fixture is just tilting rotating but it will not come off.

I am puzzeled!:smileyhappy:

Mike the lightbulb changer 

Posted 2013-05-03T16:29:34+0000  by mitzaotomitza

IMG_0287.JPGthe fixture is glued to the ceiling.

the inner ring won't come off , since the bulb is bigger then the ring I should be able to pull it out, twist it 90 degree, unscrew it or something. 

I had to break the bulb and get the socket out and the install a new one. Now again the bulb is bigger then the ring. 

Which are the steps in replacing a bulb in this type of fixture. 

Again the ring which is holding the bulb is tilting, rotating but it won t come out. IT SHOULD, BUT HOW ???

Posted 2013-05-03T16:43:13+0000  by mitzaotomitza
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