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How to change a toilet paper roll holder?

I do not see any screws in the current one that is installed in my home.  It is recessed into the wall as well.  How do I remove it safely and without damaging anything?  Is it perhaps a snap on to something behind it?

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Posted 2012-11-13T19:03:32+0000  by seansdad1999 seansdad1999

Hello Seansdad1999,


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I've never heard of any kind of clipping system with a recessed toilet paper holder.:smileyfrustrated:


If the toilet paper holder is made out of ceramic than it’s held in by thin-set. The only way that you might be able to get it out without breaking it is to remove the grout from all four sides. Then try and get a putty knife under it to get it to pop off. This is not an easy task but it has been done. Use painters tape to secure it so it doesn't hit the ground when it pops loose.


If it’s a metal one and it doesn't have any screws than it should be held in with adhesive caulking. Use a stiff putty knife and work it under all four sides to release the caulking. Like I mentioned before use painters tape to secure it so it doesn't hit the floor. You don’t want it to crack the floor tile and create another project for you.


Let me know how it works out. If yours is different than I’ve described then please take a picture and post it her so we can figure out how to get it out.


Thanks again for joining the community and I look forward to hearing about your projects.

Posted 2012-11-14T21:44:33+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
What a great question Seansdad1999!

When a paper holder is recessed, there are two basic pieces:

As you can see from these combined images, the recessed wall clamp is shaped to match the recessed toilet paper holder.

The clamp is inserted into the wall and the folded ends of the clamp pull against the inside of the Sheetrock, using screws to tighten the two together.

The red arrows point to the screw holes.

Most often, these two pieces are joined, using very long screws, and then the clamp is inserted into the wall one end at a time.

This prevents the difficult task of trying to join the two pieces after inserting the clamp ... which often ends with the clamp falling inside the wall.

When walls are other than Sheetrock (like tile), you will often find the material used to hold the tile was also used to hold the paper holder.
Posted 2014-10-30T23:16:04+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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