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Bath & Faucets

How to clean and unclogged bathtub from paints?

Our constructor cleaned paint brushes in bathtub. Now it's clogged and has some paint residues. How to clean bathtub with paint stained?  And unclogged tub?
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Posted 2015-06-15T01:33:52+0000  by Jesusgirl4 Jesusgirl4
Hello Jesusgirl4,

Do you happen to know what kind of paint stained the tub? I've stained sinks while cleaning my modeling brushes before. In those cases I've found soaking the sink in warm water in bleach for an hour or so pulled the paint right up. I make the mix 1 to 1 for minor stains and 2(bleach) to 1 for more stubborn ones. Make sure you keep the area well ventilated with either bath fans and/or a window. 

I'm still looking into a solution for the drain blockage. 

I'm sure some of our paint people who likely have more experience with problems like this can chime in as well.


Posted 2015-06-15T15:10:50+0000  by Chris_HD_ATL
Great suggestion Chris!

Hey Jesusgirl4,

I like Chris' suggestion ... bleach is a medium strength oxidizing agent that should re-wet and remove most of the stain after several applications.

As for the plugged drain, most drain cleaners are much stronger than bleach.

Choose one of the "MAX" drain cleaners and plan to apply it at least twice.

When paint brushes are cleaned in a sink or tub, the paint solids settle into the trap and harden ... so you may have to clean the drain several times before it will clear.

You do not designate whether your tub is porcelain or fiberglass.

And, we also don't know whether your paint is oil-based or water-based.

If water-based, the current recommendations should solve your problem.

Oil stains may be more resistant and you may have to use 000 steel wool to scrub the stain.

If so, you may also need to refinish the tub.

Follow up with more details and we will recommend additional steps.
Posted 2015-06-16T13:11:47+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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