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How to clean cigarette smells from a painted wall

I would like to find out how to clean a home that stinks of cigarette smells. The previous owner painted the walls over the smell. Is it possible to clean the wall with TSP someway even though paint is covering the original stain? Or am I stuck with the smell now?
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Posted 2017-08-21T22:53:11+0000  by JenniferEJ JenniferEJ
First, I doubt that the walls are your most significant source of smell. Soft surfaces such as carpets and drapes capture and hold smells much longer than hard surfaced walls. If you have forced air heat, your duct work is also a potential odor source. If new carpet is in the budget, do it! When it is old carpet up, take the opportunity to seal the subfloors with a non-water soluble primer such as Original Kilz, CoverStain or BIN shellac.

If you are convinced that the walls are still the culprit, you will have to prime them with those same non-water soluble primers named above, and then finish coat. My guess is that the former owner threw a coat of "contractor grade" on the walls to facilitate re-sale. Unfortunately, these low quality paints are super poress, allowing moisture and smell to pass on through. The additional good primer will also facilitate a superior coat of paint. It will not only block smell, but it will provide a more even sheen of the finish coat of paint.
Posted 2017-08-22T03:33:27+0000  by ordjen
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