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How to clean paint out of carpet


Painting a room is an inexpensive way to update any room in your home.  Personally, I cover everything to prevent the paint from getting on anything that would not benefit from such an update. I lay drop cloths, and try not to overload my brush or roller, but, inevitably there is always a resilient paint droplet that decides it doesn’t want to be with his other droplet friends. :smileysurprised: It leaps off the paint brush onto the carpet at the only spot in the whole room that isn’t covered by plastic. What are the odds?! Now, that beautiful wine color has soiled your beautiful, pristine carpet. If you catch this deviant droplet, you try to get it out immediately, but it seems to spread, causing a worse stain than before. Or, you don’t even notice because you were too distracted by the sound of your lovely singing voice (well, maybe that’s just me). :smileyvery-happy: Either way, now you have a mess on your hands, or, carpet rather. Now, you could cover that spot with a rug, or a dresser, but that can be so limiting. No fear, there are chemicals out there that will save your carpet, and make it look like you are the cleanest painter ever. *thumbs up*


Let’s first talk about what to do if you spill latex based paint.


Here are the steps you will take if you catch it while it is still wet (the most ideal situation)


  1. Blot the area with a clean cloth.
  2. Then, with a sponge that is damp with cold water, blot again. Do this until you have removed as much paint as possible.
  3. After that, take a teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent and mix it with a cup of lukewarm water.
  4. Lastly, take that mixture and blot it onto the spot with a new, clean cloth. Allow the area to dry and then vacuum.  

Now, if it has dried, you will have to use one of those chemicals I mentioned earlier.  When working with chemicals, it is really important to test the chemical in an inconspicuous spot to make sure it will not change the color of you carpet. If it does, do not use it. 


Here are some products that you could use:


Motsenbocker's Lift Off Paint RemoverGoof Off


Before you apply either chemical, get off as much of the paint as you can. Many times, you can take off some dried flakes with your fingers. Once you have taken off everything you can by hand, spray the chemical on and let it sit. Read the instructions on the bottle for a specific time.  After you have let it sit, you will need to agitate the area with a firm brush or scraper. After the paint is gone, spray the chemical again, and then let it sit. Blot the area dry with a clean rag. Lastly, after it is completely dry, vacuum. Your carpet should now be as good as new!  


“But what if I spilled oil based paint?” I hear you. This is going to require a little bit more patience and energy than removing latex based paint, but it is not impossible.


Here are the steps to clean up wet oil based paint:


  1. Read the back of your paint can and see which solvent it recommends as clean up. Many oil based paints recommend mineral spirits. Using a clean rag that has solvent on it and blot it on to the area that you are cleaning. Be careful not to soak the area, as this may harm the carpet and pad. Do this until no more paint comes up from the carpet.
  2. Then, with a sponge dampened with water and concentrated carpet shampoo clean the area thoroughly.
  3. After it is clean, rinse out sponge, and clean the area with just water.

Once again, make sure you test the chemical in an inconspicuous spot to make sure it does not harm your carpet in any way.The only difference between cleaning up wet and dry oil based paint, is that you will want to agitate the stain before you use any chemical.


That’s how you clean paint out of carpet!


If you have any questions or advice to share with our on-line community, please feel free to do so.


Happy Painting!

Christine  :smileyhappy:

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Posted 2011-11-30T16:19:46+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL Christine_HD_ATL
Mineral spirits would work great in conjunction with a wet-dry vac so you can actually extract the paint out. Then rinse the spot out with a spot remover. Home depot offers a variety of different solutions for this type of spot. 
Posted 2018-09-02T16:04:01+0000  by Ruggeek

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure", as the saying goes! When painting, you should anticipate a possible accident. This means covering the entire area with the proper drop cloths and plastic sheeting. Taping of carpet edges also helps protect against paint on the carpet.

Immediately following a spill, if you have a wet vacumn, it is ideal for sucking up wet paint which has been flooded with water. Keep flooding the area with water and immediately suck it up.This should not be done  with oil or other solvent paints due to the threat of explosion or fire!
Posted 2018-09-08T05:12:11+0000  by ordjen
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