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How to clean the seams in the bathromm tub/shower

What products can I use to get the mold out of the seams in the walls of the shower?  I have tried every product imaginable and can't geth them completely gone.  Would it be necessary to get someone who does bathrooms to redo the seams?

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Posted 2011-01-15T18:12:24+0000  by bob02720 bob02720

Howdy there bob02720,


Welcome to the community! I'm here to help you out regarding the "spotty job" your shower walls are doing now. The good news is that this is a project you can easily tackle yourself to get the stains out w/o resorting to hiring anyone to do it. Since you said you have already used tons of cleaners out there, we are going to skip that part since you've already been knee deep in those products. You say seams, and judging from what I gathered, you are referring to the grout lines in between the tiles. Also, there are usually caulk lines where the wall meets the shower, so we'll get into that as well . So to start off this project, again I'm going by the  assumption we have grout between tiles, is to prep the walls and grout joints for renewing your grout spaces as well as the area where the walls meet the shower.


First, if you have recently  used a disinfectant, like bleach on the walls, go over them again with a diluted  solution a few hours before you start the project. This will ensure any existing spores are eliminated. To do the best job of killing the spores, mold and mildew, I recommend a product called Concrobium that well sell in our paint department that guarantees any existing removal of the bathroom menace. Heres a picture of it:




The reason I recommend to pre-clean the shower is two-fold.


1. So that anything you put over the mildew (eg grout) won't have the existing spores to come through and

2. It provides a clean surface when you put the product I am about to show you down. Yet another reason is that Concrobium is good to use all over the house where you have a mold or mildew issue in the future, so its not a product you use on this project and then never use again; its a very handy cleaner all around!


Now to the meat and potatoes of the solution. The reason why the mold stains cannot be taken out despite all of your scrubbing and work is because since the sealant on the grout is gone (or was never there) and so now the mildew spores, even though they are killed, the stains they left are permanently embedded into the grout itself. I have seen this many of times in the customers I have dealt with regarding this, and always I ask them one question:

"Have you ever sealed the tile/grout?"


Almost every customer assumed that they didn't have to, or the house came that way. Sealing grout and maintaining a good caulkline where the shower walls meet the tub area requires maintenance about every year or whenever you notice the walls and areas to look yucky from that discoloration. Another big sign is when water accumlates in between the grout lines and don't bead off but rather 'soak in' in the water like a sponge. But, since we have the mold embedded into the grout, I have a product that should be able to remedy your situation, WITHOUT having to take out, re grout and reseal those bad areas. Lets make this project a few hour one instead of a few day one using this it is:



This is Polyblend Grout Renew sold by Custom Building Products. You'll find it on our tile aisles and it comes in the same colors as our in-stock regular grouts (29 in all). We don't have every color available in the store, around 8 or so, but we can get you more specific colors that you need. The reason I'm advising this product to you is that


1. The integrity of your grout is fine, its just discolored from the mold spores; therefore you don't need to redo your groutlines


2. The product is very easy to use, I'm a klutz when it comes to painting, but even this is a easy product to apply:manvery-happy:


3. I've actually seen this product being used in a home in a situation similar to yours. A friend of mine had grout that was too light and was being heavily stained with foot traffic and sealer just wasn't doing it for her. She painted the grout spaces (seams) with this on her kitchen floor and now the darker color looks like she has a newly laid grouted floor!


It pretty much goes on just like a paint, use a small artist brush, tape off any areas that you may want to mask off, and enjoy your new freshly colored grout lines! It cleans up with soap and water, and when it dries there is no need to seal it, since it has a built in sealer already! Polyblend Grout Renew is really the way to go in your situation......

.....if the grout is in good shape. If it is worn down, damaged or chipping off, no worries! My fellow community member TheHammer and I did a post last year on grout removal that may help you out, heres the link to it:


Grout Repair video


Hopefully you won't need this step or using caulk for those joints around the shower. If you do need to replace the old mildewy caulk lines, scrape it off as best as you can, clean up with the Concrobium ( or disenfectant you already have) and replace with 100% silicone caulking. Also, pick up a bottle of tile/grout sealant from the tile aisle as well so you won't have any further spots or stains coming off for a while. That way, you won't and shouldn't have any further mold issues with the bathroom surround again! Enclosed is a picture of the sealant and grout sealer I'd recommend for your bathroom shower:



Again, welcome to the community and I give us updates of your project as you work on it!




Posted 2011-01-15T19:45:28+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

If you are referring to the grout lines in a tub / shower the try Zep "Grout Brightener and Whitener" available at HD in the cleaning aisle. Works great but is kinda like being in a chemical warfare zone when using it.


LOTS of ventilation required.



Just apply, walk away, come back and rinse, your done.


Posted 2011-03-21T19:17:59+0000  by paintguy606
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