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How to convert a chandelier into a plug-in fixture

Good afternoon everyone,


I recently received a message from nsmvbc regarding how to convert a chandlier light fixture into something that can plug into the wall. Here's the original question:


"Hi, thought I would write to ask you a few questions I have that no one at my local Home Depot could answer. If you have the time, your help would be much appreciated. I aam trying either to convert a chandalier I bought into a plug in or find some one to hard wired it to the ceiling.  We live in a very old loft with no hard wiring in the ceiling. I can't seem to find any information ANYWHERE about possibly converting a chandalier that is meant to be hard wired into one that can be plugged into the wall. Is that possible? Also, if hard wiring is the only option, would it be expensive to have it installed?? Any help would be amazing!"



Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear about your frustrations in getting your chandelier converted, but it is a very common and easy fix to do!


In the grand scheme of things, it would be simpler and much more cost effective to convert your light into a plug rather than having it hard-wired.


There are items we sell in our lighting section in our store, called swag kits.


The kits come with everything you need to convert any ceiling mounted light into a plug-in type. The kit comes with 20 ft. cord,  18 ft. of chain, wire connections and 4 hooks to allow you to hang the chandelier in any part of your ceiling safely and securely. 

12' Swag Kit by Westinghouse.JPG


The last thing you'll need to consider to placing the chandelier in safely is a junction box into the ceiling. Depending on how and where you want the chandelier to hang will determine what kind of junction box to install between the ceiling and the light. I would recommend using an old work box rated for the weight of the light, or if you can find the wood rafters/ceiling joists on center in your ceiling, a thin pancake-style junction box will work as well.  Getting the light installed in a junction box is a crucial step that will give the light support and safety of the electrical connections, so it is a step I would not overlook. With whatever box you choose, you will need to create a slight opening on the side of the junction box to allow the wire safely out. This can be done by cutting a small hole to the side of the junction box outside where it meets the drywall. To better illustrate this, refer to the diagram below...

How to Convert a Chandelier Into a Plug-In.JPG

If these steps seem too much above, remember it is just the final result of buying a swag kit instead of hiring an electrician.

If you are still uncertain of any of these steps, you can get your chandelier hard-wired through The Home Depot! We provide professional electrical installation in and outside your home by using licensed and insured electricians to make sure you get the job done right.


Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance,


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