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How to cover exterior column?

A column which holds up a beam attached to roof had dry-rotted and I have removed and replaced column but I only have a frame. I need to know how to either stucco the column or how to replace the panel that was on there which was made of some type of plywood. I haven't been able to locate the plywood. It's 13.6ft. Height 14in. With

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Posted 2012-07-23T15:54:36+0000  by msstephanie msstephanie


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So basically you had/have a framed column that was sided with plywood siding?


I'm assuming plywood was the one that was rotten not the studs holding it up, no?


To stucco the column you would first have to sheath the column again with exterior grade plywood than apply a felt paper and steel lath over it as a base for the stucco.


There are some more options though...


You can also order something called a post wrap which is basically a pre-fab fiberglass L shaped wrap. I’m not sure if would it be available in size you need (13.6' x 14") but that is something we can check for you..Name of the company that makes these columns is HB&G columns.


Have you thought about  stone veneer?..That’s another option. You can veneer bottom 4' feet with stone and do plywood or stucco on the remaining. I’ve done this before and it protects the bottom of the column ant it looks great too.


Do you still have that plywood around..? Post a picture of it maybe I can help you locate it.


Hope this helps, 





Posted 2012-07-23T16:30:09+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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