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How to cover walls with half paneling and half wallpaper.

I just bought an old house.  The kitchen has wood paneling half way up and wall paper on the top.  I hate both!  I would like to paint over all.  I was thinking of painting over all one color, then rag rolling or some techinque over the wall paper part.   I dont think it will look right to just paint the same color since it is 2 different surfaces.   I've read posts on prepping both surfaces to paint but not sure what to do then.
Any suggestions?  

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Posted 2011-04-04T13:35:07+0000  by vickijo42 vickijo42

Hey Vickijo42 congrats on the new house and welcome to the site. Sounds like a nice project you got going there. For starters I’d just like to suggest you remove the existing wallpaper before painting unless it was designed to be. Normal wallpaper when coated can eventually begin to lift, curl, and, peel which at that point removing it is going to be a lot more difficult. As far as the paneling goes you should just sand it and clean it before applying a primer.

Once you have the wall fully base coated and ready for a decorative faux finish you’ll just need to search around for some ideas. If you take a look around the website you will find a few very nice informative videos in which we show you how to apply different coatings for different looks in the tools and techniques section. Otherwise if you contact your local The Home Depot they offer free How To classes weekly and they often demo faux finish application. We even sell a number of books that give step by step direction all with pictures which can really be helpful as well.



Give us some more information on your project or maybe even some of the colors you are thinking of using and well do what we can to further assist you or give you some ideas.

Posted 2011-04-04T20:41:59+0000  by HDwetPaint
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