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How to cut 1/2" steel bars?

I just bought a coffee table, not realizing how tall it would appear in our living room.  It has 1/2" thick steel legs and I'd like to take 3-4 inches off of them.  It is in an industrial style so cutting the legs shorter wouldn't damage the aesthetics of the piece.  But I don't know where to start here.  Do I need to get someone to come in with a blowtorch and do it (if so, how do I find such a person), or is there a less elaborate method.
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Posted 2018-12-06T20:52:25+0000  by Erithtotl Erithtotl
I have to imagine it's pretty mild steel which is good news because you won't need a blowtorch.  While a little time consuming but good arm exercise, an ordinary hacksaw would work.  If you're going to buy one, I would suggest one of the high tension frames and a good quality blade about 18 tpi.  If you want to add a motor a reciprocating saw (aka Sawzall) or a jig saw with a metal cutting blade.  If none of those tickle your fancy, a 4 1/2" grinder with a cut off wheel but that's going to make a lot of sparks so do it away from anything flammable.  Obviously eye protection is required with any of the power tools.
Posted 2018-12-06T21:51:17+0000  by Adam444
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