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How to figure amount of pavers i need?

Im wanting to build a patio 23x13 and use a 16x16 paver, how many pavers should i get to be safe considering i will have to cut some around steps ect

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Posted 2013-06-01T05:15:06+0000  by Bigblue Bigblue

Hey Bigblue.


You may get away with using as few 16x16 stones as 170. Your 13 Ft span will go 9.75 stones deep which will leave you with a quarter of several pavers. Your span of 23 Ft will require you to use 17.25 pavers so you can go 17 stones wide and then use the remaining stones that you cut for that .25.


Because this is not a perfect world, you will realistically need to add 10% to this. I would recommend getting 187 stones and simply return the ones that you do not use.


Don't forget that you are going to need to put down a 2 inch foundation of paver base to keep the pavers from sinking and to drain water away. You would need about 100 bags for this project. Remember to have it slope slightly away from the house.

Posted 2013-06-02T16:01:48+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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