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How to fill a large gap from new drywall to existing ceiling

I have demoed the old walls, replaced them with cement board in the bath area and drywall for the rest of the room. There are some large gaps, quarter inch to roughly 2 inches, between the wall and ceiling. What material should I use to fill the gaps?
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Posted 2015-07-16T19:47:57+0000  by Soydennise Soydennise
Hi Soydennise,

When I have encountered similar situations with drywall I usually cut drywall strips the width of the opening and glue them in using drywall mud.

I butter the strip on all 4 edges with the mud and press the piece in place, wiping away any excess drywall mud, allow the mud to dry over night and then sand the surface smooth.

I have used this method many times and I've never had a problem.

Posted 2015-07-16T22:49:27+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
Hi Soydennise,

If working those exposed gaps seems too difficult, consider adding crown moulding to simply cover the gap.

You'll find it is much easier than mudding small pieces into the gaps and then sanding to obtain a smooth, finished appearance.
Posted 2015-08-18T16:13:43+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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