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How to fix a damaged door frame?

What is the best solution to patch and repair a door frame that was badly damaged by a door stopper?

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Posted 2015-04-15T03:53:22+0000  by GiRodeo GiRodeo
You have two options, replace the casing (trim, moulding) or repair it.  Repairing it is probably the easier solution.  I would use Bondo.  Yes, the stuff they use for auto body repairs although they make a "wood" version, available at Home Depot, but it's essentially the same product.  The other option is Minwax"s High Performance Wood Filler (which is also pretty much the same stuff).  From the picture it looks like there's a bit of a hollow, you may need to fill in a couple of layers.  Mix up a small amount (about the size of a ping pong ball) and work it into the void with your finger (wear disposable gloves).  Let that set up for about 30 minutes.  The mix up another batch and fill the remainder.  Again using your finger, try to mold it to match the contour of the moulding, leaving it slightly proud of the surface.  Then sand away the excess with 100 grit sandpaper.  You can wrap the sandpaper around your finger or use some round household objects (wooden dowel, magic marker, etc.) to approximate the curves of the moulding.  Then prime and paint.

If you want to replace the casing, we can talk about that too.  Just let me know.

In either case, you'll want to replace the door stop with a new one
Posted 2015-04-15T06:30:13+0000  by Adam444
Hello GiRodeo.

I would consider putting a small block of wood right where that doorstop hits and then patch as Adam444 has suggested.  The reason is that any patch is likely to be too brittle to withstand much abuse from that doorstop.  History shows that it makes pretty serious contact with the moulding.


Posted 2015-04-17T19:36:49+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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