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How to fix lint that is all over freshly painted walls (lint from paint roller)

All the walls of my great room have new drywall and primed.  I spent a pretty penny using all the best materials because I want a beautiful room that I don’t have to touch for years.
When shopping for paint rollers, I opted for the “best” rollers as stated on the packaging, and have ended up with a terrible problem.  After the paint dried and I pulled a flashlight out to inspect my work, I saw that I have lint all over my walls from the rollers that clearly state on the packaging “Premium Shedless Knit”. OMG!  

Now what do I do?  If anyone suggests, sanding, scraping or anything even close to that I believe my head will explode!  
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Posted 2018-06-11T18:25:33+0000  by LisG LisG
Hi LisG,

We don't want your head to explode, but sanding and repainting is going to be necessary if you want a smooth wall. Trying to get a perfectly smooth and even finish on drywall is very difficult.

Another option is to texurize the wall and then repaint. In most cases contractors use texture to hide imperfections and seams in the drywall, the texture will cover the lint. Then repaint the wall.

Homax Wall Texture

Spray or roll on the texture, let it dry and repaint. Buy good quality Purdy or Wooster paint rollers, rinse them with water before using them.


Posted 2018-06-11T19:42:03+0000  by Mike_HD_OC
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