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How to fix paint streak


I've read lots of articles in this forum about what the issues are that cause paint streaks. I have yet to find a message that says how to fix this issue. We painted a dark blue Behr Eggshell Paint & Primer in one. Evidently we painted too quickly over the paint and there are this horrible paint streaks on the wall. We tried to paint 24 hours later to fix the streaks, but it didn't do any good. The streaks are still there.


Does anyone know of solutions to rid ourselves of the very visible paint streaks?


Thank you!

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Posted 2012-08-12T22:06:33+0000  by lcs lcs




Two questions: what was the color blue? Did it have a dagger like symbol after the color name  on the Behr color card?

What was the color over which you were painting? These are factors which affect streaks of coloration, i.e. it is not yet thoroughly covering.


Further, acrylic paints can take up to a month to fully cure. During this time, the sheen and slight color variations can even out. All acrylic products have a whiteish look in their liquid form which disappears when thoroughly dried. If you have ever used a clear acrylic caulk, you might have noticed it came out white and changed to clear over as much as a month's time. Similarly, when a can of acrylic "deep base" paint is opened it appears white, even though it has absolutely no colorant and no white in it! That whitish look affects the paint until completely dried and cured.


You don't state how long it has been to date. If it has not been at least several days, I would plead patience.

Posted 2012-08-13T05:11:43+0000  by ordjen
I have a similar question. We just painter with Behr 480F-5 (then a small D) eggshell over dark navy flat (not sure if if was Behr for the navy). covered nicely and love the color Marsh Creed (Green with some blue in it , one shade lighter than Shaded Spruce) but we see horizontal lines (more uniform than streaks) and not sure why we got those horizonal lines (or streaks?). Any suggestions?
Posted 2012-09-09T16:49:35+0000  by PainteRuth




Well, this is a something new!  Most complaints are of verticle streaks.


Question: Do these horizontal markings repeat at about 9 intervals? If so, it may well be that you had a damaged roller that is repeating a pattern as it rolls up the wall.


Second possiblility: Many roller pans have reinforcing patterns in the bottom of them. These ridges, which are put there to strenthen the pan,  can actually impart a pattern on the roller which is then transferred to the wall. If too little paint is used, or the area not re-rolled a couple times, this pattern can be transferred to the wall. It is for this reason I never use a roller pan when doing faux techniques, as the ridge pattern gets transferred to the rag or sponge doing the faux application and subsequently gets transferred to the wall.


Obviously, I have not seen your walls, so I am shooting somewhat blind.  I will only state that two common mistakes by amateur painters is applying too little, or too much paint, and then not rollling it adequately. One fill up of the roller should only cover about one roller width from top to bottom of the wall. The roller is then re-rolled back over the past roller application, evening out the paint thickness on the wall. Every inch of the wall should have been rolled at least three times in an effort to get a nice uniform thickness of the paint film.


A gallon of paint will cover about 300 square feet of wall space, or about one coat on the walls of a 9X12 foot room with 8 foot ceilings. There are several factors which can influence coverage. For example, a well sealed wall might well exceed the 300 foot approximation. Very dry walls will suck up more paint and probably will result in streaky looking walls! This is why paint manufacturers highly recommend primeing walls first. Primeing decreases paint useage, results in an even sheen and increases the appearance of the color.


I think one more coat  utilizing a quality roller cover and adequate paint rolled out well,  will take care of the streaks.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2012-09-10T03:57:30+0000  by ordjen
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