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How to hardwire a pendant plug in light

I recently purchased a pendant light with a plug I would like to hardwire it.  I have also purchased a conversion kit to mount it to the ceiling.  May I simply cut off the plug and attach the two wires to the wires in the junction box or is the process to hardwire it more involved?


Please provide step-by-step instructions if possible. Thanks!

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Posted 2011-07-20T15:39:02+0000  by carmeada carmeada

Hello carmeada,


Welcome to the community.


Actually you do just cut off the plug end and wire it directly to the wires in the junction box.


**Make sure that you shut the breaker off prior to doing anything. **


It’s really simple to identify which side of the wire is hot and common. If you look at the outside of the wire one side will be smooth and the other will have ribs on it. The ribbed side will be the common wire and the smooth side will be your hot wire. You most likely will have a black, white and either a green or bare wire coming out of your junction box. The black will be the hot, white will be the common and the  other wire will be the ground wire.


With that said lets get started.


I found step by step instructions on the link that you put in your post for the conversion kit. If you click on the Dimensions + Details tab and then click on the View Assembly instructions it will bring up a PDF form with instructions and a diagram. Or just click on the link above and it will take you right to it.:smileywink:


This should get you all wired up and ready for your next project.


Looking forward to seeing you around the community.  

Posted 2011-07-20T17:16:22+0000  by Christine_HD_OC
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