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How to install carpet tile

I want to put down carpet tile in the basement can you tell me how to install it and also I want to put in a new shower head how do I install that to.

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Posted 2010-11-06T23:17:46+0000  by sexylady40 sexylady40

Hey sexylady40. 

It sounds like we are finishing our basement. When finishing my basement, I had my carpet installed, but I did prepare the floor before installation.


Even though my house was 10 years old and had no signs of moisture coming through the floors or walls, I went to the paint department and got a latex masonry waterproofer and waterproofed the floor and concrete walls that were below grade to prevent any problems down the road.  Just apply with a 3/8 inch nap roller to the walls and floor and brush in the corners thoroughly.Make sure floors are cleaned and swept before applying one of these.

drylok%20waterproof.jpgbehr waterproofer.jpg

Once the floors are dry, then we are ready to put the carpet in. These links tell you what all tools you will need and anything else you could possibly need to know about installation. We have several different carpet tiles online, and I saw that they may have free shipping on them as well.



As for that shower head, this will be a easy. All you need to take the old shower head off is an adjustable wrench. Just unscrew the head off the shower arm with the wrench. It is a good idea, that when you get your new shower head to pick up some Teflon tape, wrap it around the threads of the shower arm about 4 or 5 times to prevent any leaks. After the tape is on just screw the new head onto the arm and you are done.


Thank you for your questions and we are glad to have you as a member of our community and part of our online Home Depot family.

Posted 2010-11-07T16:02:11+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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