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How to install toilet flange on tile

Had a guy come in and tile my kids 5' x 6' bathroom.  He did a great job with the tile, but he cut the hole around the toilet flange within millimeters of the hole opening.  I have a new toilet flange that will fit in the hole/space provided, but I was wondering do I just glue the flange in place after squaring the toilet line-up bolts or do I secure the flange with screws through the tile after squaring?  If latter, how and what type of drill bit should I use to drill holes in the tile to not crack it?  Also, what type of glue should I use to insall the flange, (PVC)?  Thank you!



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Posted 2012-11-09T10:20:58+0000  by TGDoubleu TGDoubleu

Hello TGDoubleu.


You will want to securely mount the toilet flange to the floor.

There are a variety of flange types, but it sounds like the one you have looks like this one:

Glue in Toilet Flange.jpg

As for glue, PVC primer and glue should be used for this type of fitting to properly seal it.  A handy kit looks like this:

PVC Glue pack.jpg

Ideally, the flange should sit directly on top of the tile floor.  You will need to drill at least 4 holes through the tile so that mounting screws will thread into the wood subfloor.  Use a Glass and Tile bit that is slightly larger than the screw diameter, and a regular drill bit to predrill the subfloor that is slightly smaller than the screw shank size without the threads.  The Glass and Tile bits slowly grind away the tile and will not crack it if you don't use too much downward force on the drill.

Glass and Tile Bits.jpg

You need to do this because there will be upward force applied to the flange when you bolt down the toilet.


There are numerous other threads on the Community that address this subject.

Let me link you to some of them: 


These threads often mention the use of repair flanges.  Notice that these just "set" into the drain pipe, using a rubber gasket to seal at the bottom.  They also all screw into the floor to counteract that upward force I talked about.

Repair Flange.jpg

A picture of your project will likely allow me to give you more detailed help if you have more questions.






Posted 2012-11-09T16:34:09+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

I am also having to repair a closet flange and had a few questions.. Do I bolt to tile/concrete and ifso what do I need or can the new closet flange just "sit in" the soil pipe? And do the "set in" ones need to be glued into soil pipe? Also what is the difference between a compression flange VS. a plain old flange?!WP_20131111_005.jpg

Posted 2013-11-11T23:36:40+0000  by lanelson326
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