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How to keep road noise out of the house

Either with decor or doors and windows

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Posted 2013-11-20T20:27:00+0000  by mrsf402 mrsf402

Hey mrs402.


The first place to start with diminishing road noise is in the landscape. When driving down busy streets, you will see "noise screens"  like a row of Leyland Cypress, Arizona Cypress, Emerald Arborvitae or Deodara Cedar. These things absorb sounds where hard surfaces simply deflect sounds. Adding plants and trees to a landscape can be your first step in deadening street noise.

 1 gal. Green Giant Arborvitae Tree


Older homes with single pane windows are especially susceptible to the noisy environment. Double pane windows absorb sound quite well as well as making a home so much more energy efficient.

Sometimes, whenever plants and windows are not enough, the last line of defense to rid the house of this sound pollution is through window treatments. Installing blinds is not enough. Installing window treatments, curtains, is a great way to finish what you started. When you go to the movie theater, you will notice that all of the walls have curtains over them to eliminate echoing and to deaden sound. This is no different in the house.

Posted 2013-11-21T16:51:38+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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