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How to make an indoor fountain using a large ceramic or polyresin jar at least 32" tall?

I am trying to find a large floor water fixture to fit in my foyer.  I would like it to be a tall ceramic or polyresin jar or vase that is at least 32 inches tall.  I would like the water to rise from the center of the fixture in a manner which allows no water to spill onto the floor. If I cannot find exactly what I want, I would like to make one.

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Posted 2013-05-24T12:49:35+0000  by rozzy05 rozzy05

Hi rozzy05,


Urns make great fountains. The drainage hole that is already in the bottom will accommodate the hose from the pump.


Seal the top opening by placing a plate over the top opening of the pot of your choice and make a hole in that plate for the top of the water tube. Silicone sealant will keep everything watertight and the water will flow down the side of the urn.


Place the urn in a catch basin that is large enough to house the pump underneath it. Fill the basin with decorative stone and place a few of the stones on the top plate of the urn to obscure the waterhose. 


Select a pump that will provide enough flow to pump at least 3 feet high. Bear in mind that the Gallons Per Hour (GPH) that a pump is rated is measured at 1 foot of pumping height. That GPH number will be slightly lower at 3 feet high.


Fountain pumps that provide 70 to 130 GPH will usually be sufficient for interior fountains. Many of these pumps have adjustable flow rate to customize the water flow.


                                                                 Zen Fountain.jpg


I'd like to see your finished project, so post back with pictures!






Posted 2013-05-28T13:03:39+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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