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How to make an inside corner with Hampton Bay track lighting?

I need to make an inside corner connection with Hampton Bay track lighting. The right angle connector turns in the x-y axis, I need to turn in the x-z axis. 

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Posted 2013-12-07T01:04:47+0000  by lewtoo lewtoo

Hello lewtoo,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


I personally haven't seen any Hampton Bay track connectors available in an inside corner as you fact you would the first person I have heard to try to attempt to do this.


All the connectors we have in stock at your local store are the flat right angle connectors as you state, but nothing else in that or the new Lithonia Lighting brand that recently replaced our Hampton Bay tracks (they both work with each other).


The only thing I saw online to use was by Progress Lighting and one by Glomar, and it is a flexible connector system that may work.......however it stated it works only for their respective systems.


You can click on the image of it below for more information.

I've seen other brands work for Hampton Bay/Lithonia Lighting systems, but I can't guarantee that this connector would be compatible with our tracks since I've never seen it our stores; only online.


You can purchase it or a similar one that is flexible to see if it would work for the configuration you want. If you purchased it online from us and it doesn't work, you can return it at your local store for a refund.


It's up to you, but this is really the only option I've seen for what you want for your track lights.


Please keep us updated on your situation, and I hope this has helped you out.




Posted 2013-12-07T14:35:11+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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