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How to make giant dominoes


Do you remember playing dominoes? I remember lining them up and knocking down them down and getting super excited as the pieces fell. Every piece needed to be perfect or it would be bad news. Well, now you can make giant dominoes! These are super simple to make and fun to play with.

Things needed for this project


• 4- 2” x 10” x 16’ wood (if making a full set)
• 2 contracting colors of spray paint (5 cans of each color)
• 3” heavy duty felt pads (found in the hardware department)
• Scrap piece of 2” x 4” wood at least 10” in length
• Drop cloth or scrap cardboard to protect your surface


Pre-painted dominoes


Step One

While you are at your local Home Depot store ask the nice lumber associate to cut each of your pieces of lumber into 8 equal pieces. Each piece should be roughly 2 feet.


White dominoes


Step Two

When you arrive home, spray paint one side of each domino with the color that you would like your dot to be. We wanted our dots to be white, so we started with white. Allow these to completely dry before moving on.




Step Three



Once the dot color has dried, place your felt pads where you would like your dots to be, and then place your 2” x 4” piece of wood roughly in the middle of the domino. Gently spray paint the domino your contrasting color (in our case it is orange). The places that are covered will remain white. Note: When spray painting around the felt pads, I found is easiest to spray directly above them so they didn’t shift.


Here are the traditional domino dot patterns:


Dot pattern


Step Four

Once the sides with the dots are dried completely, flip them over and paint the other side with your second color.
After everything is dry is time for fun! You can play traditional dominoes or you can line them up and knock them down. Its sure to be a good time for everyone!




Christine :smileyhappy:

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