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How to make post lamp cord into outlet plug.

I just bought an outdoor lamp post that only has the white and black cables that are for hooking up to a wall hook up. Since this lamp post is for my yard and isn't close to a wall for wiring is there any way to attach these cables to a cord that can plug into an outlet?


Thank you!

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Posted 2010-12-14T04:29:55+0000  by Kaleigh2452 Kaleigh2452

Hey Kaleigh2452, welcome to the Home Depot Community!




A post lantern out front really adds a warm charm to any house, but using a “cord” or “extension cord” is not recommended for installing lamp posts.  This is the reason why they come with wires that are like your internal house wiring.  You will need to bury the wiring inside conduit that will run from your house to the light.  Requirements for the kind of wire/cable and conduit vary by county, and even by village.


Here are some websites with detailed info on how to install lamp posts:


One thing you will notice is that they all show how to “direct wire” the light to the house.  If you are not comfortable doing this an electrician can easily take care of this part for you.


I hope this helps, and please come back and show us some pictures of your new light!



Posted 2010-12-14T21:43:08+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI
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