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How to make your toddler happy...

Problem: my daughter's media player doesn't have a stand.


Constraints: small in size, portable, easy assembled and disassembled if not hinged, able to fit in the media player case, low cost


Solution: Expand the idea from the What can you do with a 2x6 and a dowel? post about building a simple chair.


Found some 1/4" thick MDF strips from some sort of packing material in the trash. Cut off two reasonable sized pieces and sanded down the edges. Made a couple cuts in each piece with a small hand saw. Using a utility knife, I scored the board between the two cuts and snapped off the middle portion to form my notches. PRESTO! Instant media player stand.





Cost: $0.00

Time: 10 minutes

Result: happy 2.5 year old daughter


If you have an iPod, iPad or similar tablet, this is idea will easily work to stand your device up for hands free watching or reading a recipe while cooking in the kitchen.

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Posted 2011-11-04T21:00:37+0000  by Paul Paul

What a cool idea Paul! I tell ya, I wish i had a cool media player like that when I was that age =O Sure beats the old Nintendo heh. =)


I've always liked the idea of taking extra material that would normally be waste and trying to make something good out of it. I did that with some extra melamine board that we had left over in the garage from a previous project. I had these small recesses in the sides of my closet which were just sitting I decided to use the excess scrap and build shelves in them. It turned out really well and made use of something that would have otherwise been thrown away! Be sure to remind me to post up some pictures of them sometime for everyone.


I love this idea though, it will definitely come in handy when I finally decide to get a tablet at some point. Thanks for sharing and keep the ideas coming!~

Posted 2011-11-10T14:51:12+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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