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How to manage a side yard for weeds/garden

We have a side yard area that I just cleared and tilled with a roto tiller.  We are in Southern California, and I would like to do something to keep this area from getting out of control again.  We have had a garden in the soil with, but the border areas get overgrown really fast.  Am thinking about doing a raised garden bed and putting something down on the borders to control weeds.  Am thinking of spraying the area again then putting down the weed control fabric with pavers on top?  

My 12 year old son loves to garden, and I don't need this area to be picture perfect.  Just functional for a garden and some type of cover to manage the border areas to we don't get to this point again.  Also, neighbors morning glory and ivy are a problem, any suggestion for stopping growth on our side?

I can forward a picture of the area too.

Thank you,

Laura Siebert
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Posted 2016-08-01T04:34:50+0000  by Laurasiebert Laurasiebert

Howdy Laura,


It sounds like you have a rewarding project ahead of you. There are a few options for your garden to keep it from getting overtaken.

1)    Using border fencing or edging could slow down a large portion of the weeds and grass that like to invade nutrient rich soil.

2)    Using weed block cloth is a great idea for any garden to keep weeds from sprouting up. This is a good option for perennial garden, however this is difficult to use with a vegetable garden.

3)    Raised bed has been my favorite option because it keeps out the grass from nearby, most weeds, and invaders like “morning glory” can’t tunnel through the wood, cement, or rock portion.

As for the Morning Glory (Ipomoea violacea) Roundup and some broad leaf herbicides have some effect, but you need to spray early in the season when the plants are young. Any systemic selective herbicide is a better choice, since Roundup will also affect surrounding plants.

Spraying it on the leaves helps prevent drift and surrounding plant injury. You will need to be relentless and monitor for new plants and spray them immediately.

If you post picture of the are in question, perhaps we can come up with more ideas.

Happy Gardening,

Coach Dave

Posted 2016-08-01T17:36:08+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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