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How to paint a concrete floor?

Apron blog reader Jamie saw an article we published about cool man caves. He's been inspired by this photo:




(Photo by Falken Reynolds)


Here's what Jamie had to say:


I am interested in how to do the painted concrete floors myself like in on of the pictures above. How would I find out the correct steps for that? This is for my downstairs area and bathroom.


What's the advice for Jamie?



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Posted 2014-01-03T15:58:49+0000  by HomeDepotCraig HomeDepotCraig


The procedure is pretty straight forward: clean, etch, apply bonding agent and paint.


Cleaning can be done with any of the concrete cleaning solutions available at Home Depot. Oily residue should be given particular attention.


Etching of the concrete can be done either with acid or by physical abrasion with a concrete grinding machine. Use of acid can be a little problematic in an inside location due to having to remove the solution and flushing the surface with water. However it is done, etching is extremely important for a good bond of the paint and a lasting application.


When using either Behr Acrylic Porch and Patio Floor Paint or the Behr One-Part Epoxy Concrete and Garage Floor Paint, the Behr Company recommends  the use of its 880 Bonding Sealer. The bonding sealer is applied and after 5 hours the finish coat may be applied. Again, this helps in assuring a good,lasting bond of the new paint to the concrete.


Of the two products, the One-Part Epoxy is the more durable and most resistant to staining by chemicals. The One-Part is actually rated for garage floor use, so it is more than adequate for household duty. For lighter, more normal foot traffic, the Acrylic Concrete . Both these products are a finish coat and no clear coat is required.


Depending on what look is desired, there are other possibilities for finishing the concrete:

- It could be simply clear coated with Behr Acrylic Concrete Sealer in either low sheen or igh gloss.

- The concrete could be stained with Behr Semi-Transparent Concrete Stain.

- It could be stained with an acid stain, a process that is seen in many commercial applications. It results in a deep

  penetrating and mottled appearence. Acid stains are available rom HD's website catalog.


Hope this has been of help



Posted 2014-01-03T17:25:18+0000  by ordjen

Hi Jamie,


When you are going to do any painting project, preparation is one of your most important steps.   Before any primer is applied, you will want to be sure the surface area is clean.  All glue, grease and dirt must be removed first.


If there are any stains left over after cleaning, do not worry about them since you will be painting over the surface.  Behr and Zep both make a very good concrete cleaner and degreaser.


Concrete cleaner and degreaser by Behr.jpgZep Concrete cleaner and degreaser.jpg


Once you have the concrete cleaned, it is time to apply your primer.  The type of primer you will use will depend on what type of paint you use.  The manufacturer will suggest the best type of primer to use so be sure to read the instructions on the label.


The easiest way to apply both primer and paint will be with a roller and one of those extension sticks.  Do not forget your Paint roller & pan!!!


Paint roller covers.jpgPaint roller stick 5ft.jpgPaint tray HD Orange.jpg



Be sure to take pictures of your project and share them with the rest of the community in our Project library.  Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Posted 2014-01-03T18:20:50+0000  by Rick_HD_OC
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