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How to paint kitchen cabinets

Purchased unfinished kitchen cabinets and used polyurethane. Want different look would love to paint cabinets white.. Please advise

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Posted 2013-07-31T13:16:49+0000  by Sharcour Sharcour

Welcome to our community Sharcour!


Thank you for your question! I get asked this question quite a bit at the store and I will share with you what I tell them. I actually have done this and it turned out quite well if I do say so myself. :smileywink:


Since you have already applied polyurethane, you will want to lightly scuff the surface with medium grit sandpaper. This will roughen up the surface just a little so that the primer has something to stick to.


Next, apply an oil based primer. This will give you a strong, hard, base coat which will stand up to wear and tear.


After your primer has dried, apply any white paint that you would like. I like to recommend using porch and floor paint because it is more durable than wall paint. The porch and floor paint that we sell in our stores comes in either a satin or gloss finish and comes in a 1 gallon.


If you don’t need an entire gallon for your project, you can use just typical wall paint. When I painted mine, about 5 years ago, I used semi-gloss wall paint and it has held up really well and it is still going strong.   


Good luck with your project. If you have any more questions, please let us know!


Christine :smileyhappy:

Best Answer

Posted 2013-07-31T14:47:31+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL

Thanks so much I believe the paint recommendations is wonderful....cause my grandchildren are truly hands on.  Again thanks for the wonderful advise and the prompt response

Posted 2013-07-31T15:01:26+0000  by Sharcour
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