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How to paint over wood paneling in a basement. Do the grooves need to be spackle.?

I am trying to brighten a finished basement.How can I paint over the wood paneling  : primers,rollers, brushes , etc.Do I need to spackle the grooves in between.Thanks, Di

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Posted 2013-05-23T17:53:19+0000  by dianeO dianeO




Over the last few years, I have painted out many a family room of the 60's and 70's that had very dark paneling. Paint is the quickest, least expensive way to make a dramatic difference!


I actually find that the existing grooves add interest to the walls even when painted. However, If you want perfectly smooth walls,  consider changing out the paneling with new drywall rather than expending the effort to hide grooves and panel joints. You could also use 3/8ths drywall and go right over the old paneling.


If you decide to keep the paneling with its grooves, you might consider giving it additional interest with a slight glaze coating. The glaze gets caught in the grooves and adds interest. A striation of the glaze with a stiff brush or wisk broom also adds interest. I find very subtle color differences between the base coat and glaze to be attractive and not overpowering.


As to how to paint the paneling: as always, a good washing to remove surface dirt and possible oily residue from fingers is always advised./ Follow this with a scuff sanding of the paneling, assuminig it is actually real wood. Prime with a good primer such as Zinsser's 123, Gliddens "Gripper, or Behrs No. 75 primer. All these give excellent adhesion over wood or plastic mock wood finishes. You can possibly save an additional finish coat if you have the primer tinted toward your finish coat color.


If you elect to do a faux glaze, it is then done over the finish coat. Generally, one part paint is added to 4 parts of glazing liquid. The glaze is usually mixed from a darker paint than the the base coat of paint. A safe choice is going two or 3 steps down on the Behr color cards.


Hope this has given you some help and ideas.

Posted 2013-05-24T17:02:21+0000  by ordjen
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