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How to paint white metal kitchen cabinets?

I have white metal kitchen cabinets that are old and am considering refacing but very expensive. Can I just paint using cherry stain and not take off doors? Thoughts and recommendations. Do I have to sand?
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Posted 2013-09-28T00:20:55+0000  by Acdawg Acdawg



You cannot actualyl "stain" painted metal cabinets, but you might get a very interesting effect by graining them in a woodtone. One such product which might aid you to this end in RustOleum's Cabinet Transformations. The Transformation kit contains all you will need to give your cabinets a new appearance with a striated or grained look.The kit consists of a cleaner / deglosser, a water based acrylic base coat, a glazing liquid and a clear urethane finish coat.


You do not have to sand and the degloseer has a  very low, non-objectionable odor. The cabinets can be done without even emptying the contents. The quick drying nature of the coatings allow you to spread the work out over a period of days without disrupting your kitchen. Depending on how your doors are hung and hinged, it may be possible to refinish them without removing them, but normally it is actually easier to be able to work on them in a flat position.

for more information about the product, go to :


Hope this has helped

Posted 2013-09-28T04:38:11+0000  by ordjen
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