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How to properly insulate a shared wall between two bathrooms


I am remodeling my bathrooms and would like to insulate the wall that is shared between the two bathrooms. One bathroom has a tub and shower against the wall in question. The other bathroom has a sink and vanity on that wall. Also there is an air conditioning vent running in that wall. I want to make sure it is done properly, so that moisture does not collect and cause trouble.

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Posted 2013-10-02T03:11:47+0000  by nkounev nkounev



From the standpoint of moisture transfer, you need not insulate the wall at all.  Insulation is to slow down escaping heat and sometimes to lessen noise transfer. Since both baths are heated , there is little or no heat transfer.


By virtue of the fact that there is a tub and shower surround on that wall, there is little or no opportunity for moisture to enter that wall from the higher humidity area, the shower area, to the lower humidity powder room.


Humidity, like heat, will try to reach equilibrium on both sides of a barrier such as a wall.


There is a special density fiberglas insulation used for noise suppression. This is especially useful if there are drain lines in a wall or toilets backing up against a wall. I wish that the builder of my home had used it, as my masterbath toilet backs up against the guest bedroom wall. When flushed, it sounds like a flood is rushing through the bedroom!  :)  I have learned to live with it and am reluctant to fl;ush while my guests are still in bed.


Hope this has helped.



Posted 2013-10-02T15:24:40+0000  by ordjen
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