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How to redo my cabinets???

I want to redo my kitchen and bathroom cabinets/cupboards, but am not sure how to. I keep finding info on cabinets that are melamine or thermafoil, but mine are different. They have a layer on the outside that is like a piece of hard plastic that looks like faux marble. (I did not pick these by the way...not original owner!) I cannot find what this type of outer layer is called. Not sure if it's considered laminate or what. It may be because it seems similar to the kind of countertops that have the faux marble look that can also peel off. There are a couple cabinets that have a corner peeling up, but for the most part, this "layer" is on them pretty good. Can I sand these a bit, prime them and paint them with something? Do I have to peel off this layer first or can I go right over it? The cabinets also have an indented design on them, like a fancy border that is indented. (I think these are from the 70's or earlier!) Also, I have 3 kids and can't afford for my kitchen to be unusable for weeks, so faster drying is better. Any help would be so very appreciated!

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Posted 2015-08-26T00:08:22+0000  by want2dim want2dim

Welcome to our community Shannon! 

Thank you for your question! It sounds like you have a type of laminate over lay on top of your cabinets. 

Here are some ideas on painting these cabinets. :-) 

First, you will want to glue down any of the corners that are peeling. If you do not lay down the corners, any paint you apply will also peel up. This seam glue that will work well for this. 

Once you have glued down the corners, you can paint it. You will want to paint the cabinets with oil based primer first, then you can top coat it with any paint of your choosing (oil or water based paint will work). Typically, people paint their cabinets in either a satin or semi-gloss paint. 

Another option you have is using the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformation kit. This kit includes everything you need to update your cabinets, with the exception of the seam glue that I mentioned earlier. There are a variety of color available. 

If you have anymore questions, please let us know! 

Posted 2015-08-26T13:22:10+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
Hi want2dim,

Doing it yourself is a great idea for your kitchen.

In fact, several of our community members have done this same repair.

In this thread, Savannah asks for and receives step-by-step instructions for turning her laminate countertops into faux granite.

Although you are painting the sides of your cabinets, the first five steps will be the same:


1)      Use 220-grit sandpaper to buff sand the laminate counter top;

2)      Simply break the existing gloss on the surface and stop;

3)      Wipe the sanding dust off with a dry terry towel;

4)      Prime with Zinsser Cover Stain, tinted grey;

5)      Allow primer to dry at least two-hours;

Finish the project by painting with semi-gloss or satin paint in your favorite choice.

Semi-gloss is shiny and satin is low-luster.

Both are common on cabinets and semi-gloss will wipe off easier.

If you can't decide, view the short "How To" video in this thread:

How To Pick The Right Paint Sheen

Finally, you might want to know How Much Paint Do I Need?

This "How To" video explains how to calculate paint required:


Posted 2015-08-27T14:51:38+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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