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How to remove Ceiling Fan?

Can anyone help me remove this ceiling fan?  thanks

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Posted 2012-11-13T03:32:03+0000  by KenN KenN

Hi KenN,


I'm Travis from The Home Depot in Atlanta.


Welcome to The Community!!! Let's get that fan down.


Your fan appears to be a Hampton Bay Clarington. The installation manual will help you to understand how to remove the trim ring that covers the screws holding the canopy on.


Here is the particular passage that illustrates this.


Clarington Hangar.JPG


Since there is a swag chain supplying power, the electrical connections will come down with the fan. Unplug the power cord from the wall before attempting. The electrical wiring can be removed before attempting to remove the fan motor.


If the fan is wired in a junction box in the ceiling, turn the power off to that box before beginning this process.


The fan can be lifted away from its mounting bracket and then the bracket can be removed, as well.






Posted 2012-11-13T16:20:49+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL
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