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How to remove Roberts Carpet Tape Residue?

I have Finished Garage with a New Epoxy Coating over the concrete floor.

I need to remove the Roberts Carpet Tape Residue that held down some vinyl Runners.

It did not work and I have to remove the Residue.

Can you recommend something that will remove that stuff???



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Posted 2016-10-19T16:40:59+0000  by jrod9614 jrod9614
Greetings jrod9614,

Great job refinishing your garage floor, I am sure that the space must look so good now!  Carpet tape residue is serious stuff it works hard to hold down high traffic carpets. 

I recommend you stop by your local Home Depot and pick up GOO GONE, it is a great solvent for removing loads of sticky situations, you may want to also pick up a scraper: plastic, metal, or even a scrapper that is a changeable razor edge floor scraper, is the residue actually on the concrete floor?

Kneeling pad, dust mask, gloves, googles and a bundle of rags are a few other things you may want to have on hand to get to complete your project.

Stop at the paint desk and speak with a paint associate they will point in the direction for all the products you need to get this job just have to inject the elbow grease! Follow the manufacturers instructions and make sure to clean off the GOO GONE before you resume painting.

Image result for images of goo gone

We would really like to see so images of your before and after project! It is always great to clean up and utilize every bit of living space that you have!    Maureen

Posted 2016-10-20T12:31:07+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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